Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beach Pail Tutorial

Fun in the Sun Centerpiece and Cricut are having a contest where crafters share a creative project and tutorial. So here is mine! I used the Life is a Beach cartridge for all the shapes.

You will need these Cricut Shapes- yellow submarine (that is the Beatles's fan coming out!), flamingo, surfboard, crab, coral (created as a charm),3 strips of waves, and 2009 (numbers feature) I added rhinestones to the eye of the flamingo, and to the crab eyes.

More tools: Scissors, bamboo skewers, tape, hole punch

Lastly- Ribbon, sand pail, and sand

Now, turn over your shapes. Adhere the bamboo skewers with your tape. Some of the larger pieces will require two skewers.

Punch holes at the top of each number. Then thread a piece of ribbon through each number. This will be hanging on the handle of your bucket. I attached small pieces of tape to the backside of each number so they would hang flat. Thread a piece of ribbon through the coral charm. This will hang on the handle as well.
When attaching all the ribbon to the handle, I knot each piece, and then trim at the end. This way you will have consistent length throughout.

You last portion of the project is to add sand to your pail. Now, the fun part! Set up your scene by sticking in your shapes into the sand. Now you have a great table centerpiece for your luau.