Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Cards!

After 5 years of attempting to make all my Christmas finally happened! It just took me starting before Halloween to get it completed:)  Some things that helped me push through this:
1. Gather all your holiday papers and embellishments so you aren't searching for items when in card making mode.

2. Find a design that works for you, and do 3 or 4 the same way to keep the flow going. I would do a couple just with snowflakes, and do variations with paper or embellishments.

3. Feeling creatively blocked? Check the internet or magazines for Christmas inspiration.

OK, here is round 1!


  1. Your cards are all great. I really need to get started on Christmas cards.

  2. Wow! What fun cards. I love making Christmas cards, but with a new baby, I'm planning on sending photo cards this year. I may have to make a few cards for special family and friends - just to get my handmade Christmas card fix!

    ~ JD ~

  3. Those are beautiful! How special to get a handmade card at Christmas!

  4. Great cards! Love your choice of colors :)

  5. Woot!! Woot!! These are AWESOME!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee all the Christmas critters! :):):):):):):):):):):)