Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Card and Wacky Times

A just because card, I really love the peacock feathers paper! I spent a whole day cleaning out and organizing my craft space. Gotta get my zen area back.

 I somehow managed to injure myself while getting an MRI. I was getting an iv put in, and it was not feeling right. I go to the bathroom, and next thing, I passed out because I was face down on the tile! It could of been a lot worse, a broken nose or other broken body parts. So, for now I am sporting a real mean black eye, and have been wearing my sunglasses just about everywhere! These past eight months have rolled this way, and here's to hoping next year is a little less eventful!


  1. YIKES!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad it wasn't worse!!!!!! You poor thing!!!!!!!

    I loveeeeeeeeeee your card!! I love love love that peacock paper!!!!!

  2. Very nice card! Lovely colours!