Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Aah May, so happy you're here! I have been straightening out health issues...things are getting better! I have been going to acupuncture for about a month now, it has made a huge difference. And trust me, it would really have to work well for me to continue to do it. I have slowly learned to relax while having it done:)

I have two cards for you today. The feather card is probably the first card in a year that hasn't usded patterned that triangle washi tape. Oh, and I have a card published in the current Cricut Cards magazine, can't wait to share it!


  1. So happy things are getting better!! YAYYYYYYY!!!! I love love love your cards!! LOVING those feathers on the first one!!!

  2. Cuteness! Love the feathers. Hope you feel better soon.