Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nearing the End...Valentine Cards


This is the last round of love cards! Although, I have some shapes cut out from the Cricut that were ready to be made into cards. Maybe I will use them for Valentine's Day layouts. 

I have a small plastic box that stores all of my cards. I was discussing an upgrade in a card box with my husband. He has offered to build me a wooden one. I just gotta write out my specs for it! I am envisioning spray painting it, and making cute dividers for each holiday. A girl can dream;)


  1. Love love love love love these!!!! Loving the stitching on the hearts on the last one!!! And got the 'present' last night... Brookie's and Audrey's are safely hidden in the closet! lol!! :)

  2. So nice - you did a nice job tfs!!!

  3. Love these adorable creations! :)